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CBRC Announces Results of the Sort-out of Normative Document... [2018-03-21]

The China Banking Regulatory Commission ("CBRC") has recently issued the Announcement on Results of Sorting Out Normative Documents (the "Announcement").

Two Authorities Optimize the Occupation Level Assessment Sys... [2018-03-21]

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security ("MOHRSS") and the Ministry of Civil Affairs ("MCA") have jointly distributed the Measures for the Evaluation of Senior Social W...

Action Plan for the Program of "Quality Inspection Sword" in... [2018-03-21]

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine ("AQSIQ") has recently issued the Action Plan for the Program of "Quality Inspection Sword" in 2018 (the "Plan").

CFDA to Standardize Registration of Changes to Drug Producti... [2018-03-21]

The China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA") has recently drafted the Administrative Provisions on the Examination and Approval of the Registration of Changes to Drug Production Sites (Dr...

Two Authorities Issue Implementing Measures for the Division... [2018-03-21]

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission ("NDRC") and the National Energy Administration ("NEA") have jointly released the Implementing Measures for the Division of Power Dis...

MOHURD Issues the Administrative Provisions on the Safety of... [2018-03-21]

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development ("MOHURD") has recently issued the Administrative Provisions on the Safety of Divisional and Partial Projects with Relatively Great Danger...

China Legal Review 2018-01 No.89

Editorial Notes

A Practical Discussion on the Personal Information Security Specification
Interpretations on the Administrative Measures for Pollutants Discharge License (for Trial Implementation)
CSRC Metes Out Top Penalties on Fabrication and Dissemination of False Information concerning Securities and Futures
Determination of the Employee’s Violation of Non-Compete Obligations and Recourse for the Employer
Factors Affecting the Finding of Likelihood of Confusion in the Determination of Similar Trademarks
Brand Battle behind the “Monster” Trademark

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