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CNIPA Makes Arrangements to Spur Innovative Development of P... [2018-12-12]

The National Intellectual Property Administration of China ("CNIPA") has recently issued the Circular on Several Measures for Enabling Intellectual Property to Serve the Innovative Developme...

Two Authorities Extend the Consumption Tax Exemption Policy ... [2018-12-12]

Recently, the Ministry of Finance ("MOF") and the State Administration of Taxation ("SAT") have jointly distributed the Circular on Extending the Implementation of the Consumption Tax Exempt...

GAC to Fully Promote Paperless Customs Transit Operations [2018-12-12]

The General Administration of Customs ("GAC") has recently issued Announcement [2018] No. 193 to clarify matters concerning its plan to fully promote paperless operations for customs transit...

GAC Clarifies Matters Concerning the Connectivity of Country... [2018-12-12]

The General Administration of Customs ("GAC") has recently issued Announcement [2018] No. 192 to clarify matters concerning the connectivity of electronic information on country of origin un...

Three Interbank Bond Market Regulators Subject the Pre-issua... [2018-12-12]

Recently, three authorities, including the National Interbank Funding Center ("NIFC"), have jointly released the Circular on Matters Concerning Performance Guarantees for the Pre-issuance of...

MOT Modifies Provisions on Procedures for the Formulation of... [2018-12-12]

The Ministry of Transport ("MOT") has recently issued the Decision on Amending the Provisions on Procedures for the Formulation of Transport Regulations (the "Decision"), immediately effecti...

China Legal Review 2018-11 No.98

Editorial Notes

Will inappropriate remarks be the sword of Damocles to companies?
Suspending the trading whenever you want? Not that easy -A brief review of the new rules for the trading suspension and resumption of listed companies
Interpretation on key points, questions and responses concerning the Stamp Tax Law (Draft for Comment)
Interpretation of the main points of the Asset Management Rules and the trend of supervision
Is only “MUJI” remained after the dispute over “無印良品MUJI” trademark?
How should companies respond when employees are not returning to work after their medical treatment period expires? 


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