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MOT to Promote the New Infrastructure Construction in the Tr... [2020-08-06]

Recently, the Ministry of Transport ("MOT") has issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of New Infrastructure in the Transport Sector (the "Guiding Opinions").

Six Departments Organize and Implement Recommendation of Nat... [2020-08-06]

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ("MIIT") and five other departments have recently issued the Circular on Organizing and Implementing the Recommendation of National Green ...

Five Authorities Formulate and Issue the Guide to the Buildi... [2020-08-06]

Recently, five authorities, including the Standardization Administration of China ("SAC"), have jointly formulated and issued the Guide to the Building of the Framework of National New Gener...

MOT to Standardize Operation Services for Rental of Compact ... [2020-08-06]

The Ministry of Transport ("MOT") has recently drafted the Administrative Measures for Operation Services for the Rental of Compact and Mini Cars (Draft for Comment) (the "Draft for Comment"...

SAMR Seeks Comments on Revisions to Administrative Measures ... [2020-08-06]

The State Administration for Market Regulation ("SAMR") has recently issued the revised Administrative Measures for Food Business Operation Licensing (Draft for Comment) (the "Draft for Comm...

SPC Seeks Comments on Judicial Documents on Reinforcing Copy... [2020-08-05]

The Supreme People's Court ("SPC") has recently issued the Opinions on Reinforcing the Protection of Copyright and the Rights Relating to Copyright (Draft for Comment) (the "Draft for Commen...

China Legal Review 2020-07 No.116

Editorial Notes

Key Takeaways from the Refinancing Rules for SSE STAR Market
A Review of the Standards for the Filing and Prosecution of Trade Secret Infringement Cases (Draft for Comment)
A Look into Some Rules for Design in the Draft Amendment to the Patent Law (Second Draft for Review)
Protection of Services and Decorations in Catering Industry – with the "Plagiarism" Dispute over Hotpot Restaurant Decorations between Houtang and Huofengxiang as A Case
Observation on the Internship in A Corporate\'s Legal or Compliance Department
A Look into the Responsibilities of New Employer in Concluding Labor Relationships with An Employee within His/Her Non-compete Period


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