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Two Authorities Standardize Administration and Operation of ... [2018-04-20]

The General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security ("MOHRSS") and the General Office of the Ministry of Finance ("MOF") have recently distributed the Circular on Regul...

MEE to Intensify Environmental Administration Over In-use Mo... [2018-04-20]

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment ("MEE") has recently drafted the Limits on and Measuring Methods for Atmospheric Pollutants Emitted by Three-wheeled Automobiles and Diesel Engines ...

NHC Calls for Better Management of Patient Safety [2018-04-20]

Recently, the General Office of the National Health Commission ("NHC") has distributed the Circular on Further Strengthening Management of the Safety of Patients (the "Circular").

SDA Standardizes the Revision of Provincial Rules for the Pr... [2018-04-20]

Recently, the State Drug Administration ("SDA") has arranged for relevant entities to formulate the Technical Guidelines on the Revision of Provincial Rules for the Preparation of Sliced P...

CAS Seeks Opinions on the Interim Administrative Measures fo... [2018-04-20]

The China Appraisal Society ("CAS") has recently drafted the Interim Administrative Measures for Uniform Coding for Asset Appraisal Reports (Draft for Comment) (the "Draft for Comment") to...

Four Authorities Update the Catalog of Imported Waste Manage... [2018-04-19]

Lately, four authorities, including the Ministry of Ecology and Environment ("MEE"), have jointly distributed the Announcement on Adjusting the Catalog of Imported Waste Management (the "A...

China Legal Review 2018-03 No.90

Editorial Notes

An Analysis of the Penetrating Regulation Principle in the Administrative Measures for the Equity of Insurance Companies
Administrative Measures for Foreign-invested Securities Companies (Draft for Comment)
A Brief Discussion on How to Protect Trademarks from the Dispute over the “Bao Shifu” Brand
An Analysis of Identification Standards for Network Communication from the Case of Youku v. Toutiao
Eight Legal Issues Investors Need to Know for Investment in the Funeral Industry
Legal Profiles: An Exclusive Interview with Yang Chen from JT&N——
China’s Steel Enterprises Win Section 337 Investigations in the U.S. with Boldness and Strategies

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