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MOJ Issues Provisions for Lawyers to Meet Criminals in Priso... [2017-12-11]

The Ministry of Justice ("MOJ") has recently issued the Provisions for Lawyers to Meet Criminals in Prison (the "Provisions"), taking effect immediately from the issue date.

MOT to Update the Administrative Provisions for Opening and ... [2017-12-11]

The Ministry of Transport ("MOT") has recently issued the Decision on Revising the Administrative Provisions for Opening and Operating Navigation Equipment for Civil Aviation Use (Draft for ...

SATCM Pushes for the Integrated Development of the TCM Healt... [2017-12-11]

The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine ("SATCM") has recently issued the Guiding Opinions on Integrating the Development of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Services...

CSRC Announces the Decision to Revise and Annul Normative Do... [2017-12-11]

The China Securities Regulatory Commission ("CSRC") has recently issued the Decision on Revising Seven Rules Including the Administrative Measures on the Registration and Settlement of Secur...

State Council Decides to Launch 4th National Economic Census... [2017-12-11]

The State Council has recently distributed the Circular on Launching the Fourth National Economic Census (the "Circular").

NDRC Solicits Comments on the Measures for Fixing the Electr... [2017-12-08]

The National Development and Reform Commission ("NDRC") has recently drawn up and issued the Measures for Fixing the Electricity Transmission Prices for Regional Power Grids (for Trial Imp...

China Legal Review 2017-11 No.87

Editorial Notes

Second Draft E-commerce Law under Consultation to Better Regulate Duties of Platform Operators
Interpretation of CFDA’s Implementing Plan for the Rectification of Fraudulent and False Publicity Campaigns on Food and Dietary Supplements
Fantasy Westward Journey 2 Live Streaming Infringement Case: Fair Use of Copyright in the Live Streaming of Online Games
Longwei Media’s Acquisition Failure: A Brief Analysis of Reasons for Information Disclosure Violations of Listed Companies
Protection of “Financial Data Terminals” under the Principled Provisions in the Anti-unfair Competition Law
Opportunities and Challenges: China Will Lift The Ceiling On Foreign Ownership Limits In Joint-Venture Securities Companies Up To 51%



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