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MIIT to Regulate the Use of Radio Frequencies from Satellite... [2019-01-16]

The Radio Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ("MIIT") has recently enacted and issued the Administrative Provisions on the Use of Radio Frequencies ...

Two Departments Call for Further Efforts to Promote the Refo... [2019-01-16]

The National Development and Reform Commission ("NDRC") and the National Energy Administration ("NEA") have recently issued the Circular on Further Promoting the Reform of New Power Distribu...

NEA Pledges Differentiated Credit Regulation in Energy Secto... [2019-01-16]

The Department of General Affairs of the National Energy Administration ("NEA") has recently released the List of Uses of Credit Information of Market Players in Energy Sectors (2018 Version...

MOT Encourages Shipping Companies to Establish Their Own Saf... [2019-01-16]

The General Office of the Ministry of Transport ("MOT") has recently issued the Opinions on Further Intensifying Safety Management of Shipping Companies (the "Opinions").

MOHRSS Vows to Upgrade Vocational Skills of the New Generati... [2019-01-16]

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security ("MOHRSS") has recently distributed the Plan for Upgrading Vocational Skills of the New Generation of Migrant Workers (2019-2022) (the "Pl...

Three Departments Tighten Administration of Prize Offering a... [2019-01-16]

Three departments, including the Ministry of Finance ("MOF"), have recently issued the Circular on Enhancing Administration of Prize Offering and Promotional Campaigns for High-frequency Lot...

China Legal Review 2018-12 No.99

Editorial Notes

Keep Going: The Art and Practice of Corporate Counsel
Cross-border Data Compliance: Just Starting and a Long Way to Go
Individual Income Tax Reform of 2018: New Journey, New Challenge
Interpretations from Experts: Multi-Dimensional Influence of the E-Commerce Law on Business Operators
“Internet Plus” Intellectual Property Protection: Changes in Thinking and Strategy
Environmental Protection in China: Plowing Ahead Through Obstacles

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