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NMPA Pledges Severe Crackdown on Practicing Pharmacists' Ill... [2019-03-19]

The Department of General Affairs of the National Medical Products Administration ("NMPA") has recently issued the Circular on Launching the Rectification Program Against the Illegal Lending...

MOT Urges Efforts to Ensure Safety of User Deposits and Adva... [2019-03-19]

The Ministry of Transport ("MOT") has recently drafted, in concert with relevant departments, the Administrative Measures for User Funds Charged under Emerging Transport Business Models (for...

MOF Revises Measures for the Registration of Certified Publi... [2019-03-19]

The Ministry of Finance ("MOF") has recently issued the Decision on Amending the Measures for the Registration of Certified Public Accountants (the "Decision"), immediately effective from th...

MOJ Invites Comments on the Administrative Regulations on th... [2019-03-19]

The Ministry of Justice ("MOJ") has recently issued the Draft Amendment of the Administrative Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage ...

SAFE Deepens Regulatory Reform of Centralized Operation of C... [2019-03-19]

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange ("SAFE") has recently released the Administrative Provisions on the Centralized Operation of Cross-border Funds of Multinational Companies (the "...

Three Departments Provide Clarity on the Filing of Consolida... [2019-03-19]

Recently, three departments, including the State Taxation Administration ("STA"), have jointly issued the Announcement on Matters Concerning the Filing of Consolidated Enterprise Income Tax ...

China Legal Review 2019-01 No.100

Editorial Notes

Administrative Provisions on Block Chain Information Services Officially Issued to Curb Unregulated Development
Market Manipulation Subject to Severe Crackdown with Huge Fines
An Analysis of Reasons for Mass Layoffs at Internet Companies and the Risk Prevention and Control
An Analysis of the Offensive and Defensive Tactics in Trademark Infringement Lawsuits from the “Qi Pa Shuo” Trademark Infringement Case
Cancellation of “Big Mac” Trademark Highlights Importance of Evidence of Trademark Use
When VIP Members No Longer Enjoy Privilege - A Brief Analysis of the Legitimacy of Filtering Video Ads

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