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Five Departments Arrange This Year's Joint Reporting of Info... [2019-03-21]

Recently, five departments including the Ministry of Commerce ("MOFCOM") have jointly distributed the Circular on the Joint Reporting of Information on Annual Investment and Business Operati...

SAMR to Regulate the Filing and Examination of Applications ... [2019-03-21]

The State Administration for Market Regulation ("SAMR") has recently drawn up and issued the Provisions on the Filing and Examination of Applications for Being Recognized as Probiotic Dietar...

MOE Seeks Comments on Revising and Abolishing Some Rules [2019-03-21]

The Ministry of Education ("MOE") has recently enacted and issued the Decision on Revising and Abolishing Some Rules to Streamline Administration, Bring the People More Convenience and Upgra...

Criteria Used to Determine Financial Status Indicators in th... [2019-03-21]

The General Administration of Customs ("GAC") has recently issued the Announcement [2019] No.46 to publish the criteria for determining the financial status indicators outlined in the Custom...

MOFCOM Calls for Effective Statistical Surveys of Typical E-... [2019-03-21]

The General Office of the Ministry of Commerce ("MOFCOM") has recently issued the Circular on Conducting Effective Statistical Surveys of Representative E-commerce Service Providers in 2019 ...

NMPA Publishes Its 2019 Plan for Enactment and Revision of M... [2019-03-21]

The Department of General Affairs of the National Medical Products Administration ("NMPA") has recently issued the 2019 Programs for Enactment and Revision of Medical Device Industry Standar...

China Legal Review 2019-01 No.100

Editorial Notes

Administrative Provisions on Block Chain Information Services Officially Issued to Curb Unregulated Development
Market Manipulation Subject to Severe Crackdown with Huge Fines
An Analysis of Reasons for Mass Layoffs at Internet Companies and the Risk Prevention and Control
An Analysis of the Offensive and Defensive Tactics in Trademark Infringement Lawsuits from the “Qi Pa Shuo” Trademark Infringement Case
Cancellation of “Big Mac” Trademark Highlights Importance of Evidence of Trademark Use
When VIP Members No Longer Enjoy Privilege - A Brief Analysis of the Legitimacy of Filtering Video Ads

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