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NISSTC Solicits Comments on National Standards Concerning Ke... [2019-05-17]

The National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee ("NISSTC") has recently issued the Requirements on National Standards Concerning Key Network Equipment and Exclusive Pro...

Four Departments Arrange This Year's Key Work on Cost Reduct... [2019-05-17]

Four departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission ("NDRC"), have recently issued the Circular on Working Effectively on Key Aspects of Cost Reduction in 2019 (the "C...

NMPA Seeks Comments on Three Standards Including Basic Datas... [2019-05-17]

The National Medical Products Administration ("NMPA") has recently drafted and issued the Basic Dataset for Vaccine Traceability (Draft for Comment) (the "Draft for Comment"), the Basic Tech...

SAMR to Heighten Scrutiny over Certification [2019-05-17]

The State Administration for Market Regulation ("SAMR") has recently distributed the Circular on Intensifying Regulation of Certification (the "Circular").

MEE Seeks Comments on Technical Guideline on Pollution Preve... [2019-05-17]

The General Office of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment ("MEE") has recently issued the Technical Guideline on Pollution Prevention and Control for Solid Waste Recycling (Second Draft ...

MOJ Provides Clarity on Business Scope of China Legal Servic... [2019-05-17]

The General Office of the Ministry of Justice ("MOJ") has recently issued the Circular on Clarifying the Business Scope of the China Legal Service (Macao) Company (the "Circular").

China Legal Review 2019-04 No.102

Editorial Notes

The “Crime and Punishment” of Visual China Group: Image Copyright Protection in China and How Should Companies Handle it
Fourth Amendment to the Trademark Law and An Outlook on the Regime
Detailed Interpretation of the Arrangement Concerning Mutual Assistance in Court-ordered Interim Measures in Aid of Arbitral Proceedings by the Courts of the Mainland and of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Dassault Systèmes’ Three Steps to Copyright Protection
The “9-9-6” Work Schedule: A Helpless Dilemma
Executives: Subjects of Increasing Labor Disputes


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