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Comments Sought on the Technical Guidelines for Environmenta... [2017-10-16]

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection ("MEP") has issued the Technical Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment: Surface Water Environment (Draft for...

SAT to Launch All-round Electronic Administration of Financi... [2017-10-16]

Recently, the General Office of the State Administration of Taxation ("SAT") has distributed the Circular on Fully Promoting the Electronic Management System for Financial Notes (the "Circul...

State Council to Advance the Innovation and Application of t... [2017-10-16]

Recently, the General Office of the State Council has issued the Guiding Opinions on Vigorously Promoting the Innovation and Application of the Supply Chain (the "Opinions").

CFDA Issues Administrative Measures for Key Laboratories [2017-10-16]

Recently, the China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA") has issued the Administrative Measures for Key Laboratories (the "Measures"), with immediate effect from the issue date.

SAIC Issues the Revised Measures for Administration and Supe... [2017-10-13]

Lately, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce ("SAIC") has released the revised Measures for Administration and Supervision of Auction (the "Measures"), effective from November ...

MOHURD Issues the Amended Rules on the Registration Administ... [2017-10-13]

Lately, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development ("MOHURD") has issued the Rules on the Registration Administration for Certified Supervision Engineers (the "Rules"), effective fr...

China Legal Review 2017-09 No.85

Editorial Notes

A Brief Comment on the Guidelines on Risk Management for Securities Companies to Be Engaged in Stock Pledged Repo Transactions (Draft for Comment)
On the Prevention of Legal Risks by Internet Lending Information Agencies under the New Situation of Internet Financing Supervision
A Review on the Limitation of the Protection Scope of a Patent by the Title of the Subject Matter from the Perspective of a Mobike Case
First Petroleum-related Anti-monopoly Case: A Rational Review of the Refusal to Deal Case of
Yunnan Ying Ding vs. SINOPEC
Preventing the Environmental Legal Risks of Supply Chain Enterprises: Reflections on the Schaeffler Incident
On the Judgment Criteria for the VAT “Additional Charges” from the Perspective of Two Practical Cases

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