My Favorites” includes the search terms you have saved (My Searches), the documents you are interested in (My Documents) and a record of English translation you have ordered (My Translation Orders).

My Searches”: include all the search terms which you have saved in course of advanced or quick searching, ie. the search terms which have saved by clicking “Save Search” on the advanced search results page or the quick search results page (shown below)./p>

The search terms will be saved in the “My Searches” list under “My Favorites” in the User Center.

Three functions, including “Run”, “Edit” and “Auto Search Setup” are available in the “My Searches” page. Click on “Run" (shown below ) to instantly run these search terms.

Edit(shown below ): Click on “Edit” to edit the recorded search terms for future searches. Please note that the search terms cannot be edited if they were saved via Quick Search.

Auto Search Setup

My Documents” displays links to articles you have selected and saved. You can select and save articles displayed in your search results by using the check boxes and clicking the “Portfolio” button (shown below), or click the “Portfolio” button while viewing any particular article.

When saving documents, you can place them into selected folders or you can create a new folder and save your documents there.

“English Translation Order”: the recorded English translation order, which shows the date when you make the order for English translation, the completion of the translation, as well as other relevant information (as shown below).