“Customized Setup” offers several custom options. The functionality is only available for ID users (you cannot use it if your account is IP fixed).

Customize Sign-in Page: You can select the main menu in any navigation bar of any product as the first page to view after you sign in to LCN.

Customize Search: You can select the order of advanced searches of laws and regulations which you most frequently use in your daily work as the default order. You can also decide whether to display search records (up to 10 results) on the right side of the search page for laws and regulations.

Subscribe E-newsletter: You may subscribe any of the LNC E-newsletters.

Alerts: You can use “Quick Alert Setup” to subscribe to updated information in certain categories, or use “Validity Alerts” to subscribe to alerts on changes in validity of laws and regulations.

Restore Defaults: Restore the original setup.