When browsing for a book, you can click on the “Buy It Now” button beneath the book information to find the pricing guide (shown below);

If you are a user of LNC, you can now click on the “Sign in” link. Once your account is recognized you will be taken directly to a Shopping Cart without the need to fill in any personal information. If you are not, please click on “fill in basic information” (shown below);

After filling in all required information, click “Submit” and the selected books will be included in the shopping cart (shown below, figure ). Title, valid term and price of the selected books will be displayed. You can click on “Delete” to delete any of the selected books. You can also change the valid term of access (one year is the default), and may purchase a term of up to five years. You can refresh your shopping cart at any time to see the latest information on your selected books. You may delete all selected books by clicking on “Empty Shopping Cart” (shown below, figure ), and click “Continue Shopping” to select more books (shown below, figure ).

Finally, click on “Payment” to finalise the transaction after confirming your order details (shown below, figure ).

Refer to the Payment page shown below. Available payment methods are UnionPay and Paypal. UnionPay supports payment in RMB and is suitable for users in Mainland China, while Paypal supports payment in US dollars and is suitable for overseas users.

An example transaction is shown below (figure). Click on “Revise” figure ) to revise your order and your personal information (figure ). Here you can also tell us if you need an invoice or not; if yes, fill in the relevant information for the invoice figure ). Please ensure that you have read the online contract (figure ). Once completed, click “Agree” to access the Payment page.

After clicking on “Confirm”, if you -
Choose UnionPay to make your payment: select the bank on the page shown below and you will find the online payment interface of that bank. Please make your payment according to the relevant operational guides.

Choose Paypal to make your payment: you will be directed to Paypal’s official website for your online payment (shown below).

The system will send you the username and password for your e-book online service by email after your payment is made. Your username and password will be displayed on the current page.

You can sign in to the system using this username and password. You can view your purchased books, your order and your personal information in the User Center at any time.