What is Lexis®China?Lexis®China is a flagship legal information database product released by LexisNexis in China. Since its launch in 2005, Lexis®China has earned wide acclaim from legal professionals. For over a decade, the database has been continuously updating its content and functions. In addition to building a massive collection of laws and regulations, Lexis®China supports a one-stop search for Chinese-English bilingual legal articles, tracks hot topics, emerging issues and updates in key legal areas, and provides multi-dimensional and in-depth legal commentary and analysis to help improve work efficiency for legal practitioners and inform law enforcement decisions.
Mass Data & Bilingual Content
Diverse Content Types and Reliable Sources:Lexis®China's statute, policy interpretation, administrative penalty and written judgement content are all from published data from official sources. The expert analyses, articles, hot topic and other content are all contributed by reputable lawyers from the country's top law firms or general counsels from well-known corporations.
Massive Data Volume and Industry-leading Content:With more than 3 million primary data entries, the database provides a comprehensive coverage of full-text statutes as well as judgement documents at both state and local levels since 1949, plus over 50,000 articles of in-depth legal analysis and commentary and a collection of over a million business cases covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen, etc.
Inter-disciplinary Integration and Multi-dimensional Interpretation:With 33 legal subject areas and 28 industry categories that are cross-selectable, information is provided across industries and fields, and a single legal issue can be covered comprehensively with multi-dimensional analysis and interpretation.
High-quality Legal Translation:English translations of key Chinese statutes are provided, and more than 20,000 statutes and articles are presently available bilingually on Lexis®China.
Top Minds & Top Insights
Column:Lexis®China collaborates with dozens of top legal minds to offer opinions, tackle difficult issues and share insights on hot topics on the legal frontline through personal columns. All Lexis®China authors are veterans with over a decade of experience in their respective fields.
Insights:Key legal issues in selected key legal areas are studied systematically and in depth to provide insights from different angels on their impact on real-world practice and offer risk control strategies and approaches.
Report:Targeting major legal difficulties and hot issues encountered in legal practice and business activities, information will be collected, organized and analyzed professionally to help customers stay tuned to law development trends, explore practical legal issues and scientifically customize their decision schemes and development strategies.
Experts Q&A: Professional consultations are provided online in a Q&A format by experts in various fields for you to get targeted professional opinions and advice from top insiders.
Big Data-Enabled Visual Analytics
Visual analytics applied to written judgements provides a plain view of trial progress and outcomes, along with the regional distribution of the trial courts, causes of action and their percentages as well as other statistic data visualized in graph format. A list of the corresponding judgement documents is also available for viewing.
Up-to-date Information & Personalized Push Notifications
Frontline Topic Tracking:Hot legal topics at the moment are continuously tracked to enable a quick response by offering you earliest expert analysis and advice, and Lexis®China's professional editors compile most noteworthy legal updates of the day into a daily legislation express newsletter to send to your subscribed email account.
Daily Updates: The entire database is updated daily to help keep you apprised of the latest legislations, industry news, case analysis, special topics reports, articles and other content.
Targeted Push Notification: E-mail alerts are provided to notify you of updates on a variety of content types with multiple notification frequency options, and you may also choose based on need to subscribe to our daily, weekly or monthly professional newsletters to stay on top of the latest developments in the legal sector.
Customization:Articles, legislations and other content will be recommended to you based on your reading habit, and customized services including translation-on-demand and one-on-one Q&A are provided to meet your individual needs.
User-friendly Interface & Ease of Search
One-click Access: All legal information and articles are provided across fields and industries on one integrated platform that supports a one-click search function on the homepage to enable one-click access to all pertinent content across the entire database.
Clear Layout:The main content categories, feature subscriptions and latest hot-topic articles are all displayed on the homepage in a well-structured, clear layout for you to see all at one glance.
Intelligent Search Engine:You may freely switch between the two options of simple search and advanced search to save time and improve efficiency.
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