• The most comprehensive and flexible contract template—to help you write a perfect contract
  • The most authoritative and thorough expert viewpoints—allow s you to easily deal with a variety of practical issues
  • The most thoughtful and smart use of technology— meet all your needs fast and efficiently

Practical Guidance is your everyday tool for essential online legal research. It will get you straight to the answers you need faster and more easily with practical resources all in the one place.

Our professional team will carefully select the content and strictly control the quality, and will invite China's top legal experts to give you advice and suggestions. This one-stop platform ensures a high level of output while helping you reduce your input.

It allows you to easily deal with a variety of practical issues. Even in less familiar topics, you can also quickly find the reference and solution to help you constantly expand your business area and improve your knowledge base.

Practical Guidance has concentrated a substantial amount of expert opinions and leaders’ wisdom. As practitioners and influencers in the legal profession, they truly understand the needs and problems in different areas of the law and can really help you improve work efficiency and personal value.

With a simple interface, easy operation and flexible options, the LexisNexis “New Search” will provide you with ease and convenience at any time and anywhere.

  • Efficient search: smart analysis, recommended search words, expanded search and natural language search
  • Perfect contract: online instant editing, storage, annotation of terms and optional terms
  • Lexis Freehand: offline contract updating, offline browsing of annotation of terms and replacing optional terms by pressing one key
  • Data association: visualization, two-way hyperlink, full text analysis, smart recommendation and citation
  • One-click Subscription: daily express of new laws, special issue of labor law and company law
  • Exclusive customization: usage analysis, custom search and personalized page
  • Alerts: fast classification setting, search criteria setting and reminder of regulation effectiveness
  • Multi-media support: smart-phone application and WeChat platform compatiblity




Lexis Practical Guidance provides necessary tools (e.g. contract template, drafting guide and checklists) in a creative way on one platform which highlight matters requiring immediate attention and recommending best practice tips to help you accomplish your work quickly.


Definition Value
Overview Comprehensive elaboration of practical issues from a legal perspective Easily understand any unfamiliar law areas and issues
Practice guide Deconstruct complex legal practice issues and provide operational skills Quickly find the solutions
Commentary Insightful views and in-depth analysis of trending and difficult issues by experts Easy transition from theory to practice
Area comparison Scrutinize regulation variation between different areas
Avoid risks of conducting legal operation in different areas
Checklists and flowcharts Vivid demonstration of key workflow and checklists Avoid missing any important process and ensure smooth work progress
Government forms Comprehensive collection of standard texts and tables provided on government websites Find the official text by using the “one-stop” service
News Industrial development and latest news in the relevant areas Always stand at the forefront of the industry
Legislation Cases Comprehensive collection of information on legal research Lay a foundation for further legal research