Lexis® Practical Guidance —  Outbound Investment is specially created to help enterprises go global. With the world's top legal wisdom and based on the reality of China, it will provide full and detail solutions to specific legal issues in outbound investment.
  • Country+general guidelines: clear presentation of legal framework on outbound investment, one-stop presentation of laws of key countries
  • Global wisdom: professional interpretations made by lawyers from different countries provide guarantee for outbound investment
  • Rich experience: up-to-date view and government view, investment practice and case analysis
  • Follow the trend: legal impact of Brexit, sharing of special topic "the Belt and Road"
Abundant country guidelines
Easy inquiry by one click about legal systems of over 28 countries and regions introduced under the check by experts and lawyers from different countries.
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Lexis PSL provides up-to-date practical guidance from top UK lawyers and relevant handling guides.
Lexis Advance enables you to find out the most authoritative and accurate legal information in the United States in the simplest way, and provides practical guidance from various countries in the world.

Professional research institutions specializing in outbound investment:
Authoritative primary data from governments
Clear division of investment process
Not only show legal systems on investment of foreign countries, but also point out domestic approval process and approval authority of departments, dispute settlement and other general topics to which Chinese enterprises should pay attention through "General guidelines", so as to fully protect the interests of such enterprises.
Classification of characteristic practice
Based on different characteristics of legal systems of countries around the world, introduce basic legal systems Chinese enterprises are generally concerned with, add the classification of characteristic practice of countries, and include recent hot issues of concern to enterprises.
· Basic legal system
· Characteristic legal system
·  Recent hot topic
Legal regulation

America's foreign investment review

Legal impact of Brexit
Foreign exchange system

Guidelines for merger and acquisition in the United States

Along "the Belt and Road"
Tax Taiwan's industry access requirements for foreign capital (including enterprises from the mainland) Anti-monopoly declaration on outbound investment
revenue Company law Japan's foreign investment policies and industry guidelines Settlement of disputes over outbound investment
Labor law Intellectual Acquisition of Japanese enterprises Outbound investment in agriculture
property law Environmental Argentina's investment promotion ……
protection law Argentina's import and export trade  
Competition/Anti-monopoly Argentina's sports law  
…… Nigeria's petroleum investment law  
Convenient tool for quick inquiry—overview of international tax system
Experience of professional lawyers helps enterprises "going global" easily grasp overviews of 20 countries' tax systems in both Chinese and English
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