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关于服务外包与劳务派遣的区别:   服务外包属于民事关系,标的为服务;劳务派遣类似于劳动关系,标的为劳动者的劳动力。   例如,你们公司需要一名司机,你可以向出租车公司购买代驾服务,他们会派司机过来..
Reply by 2009-11-26 15:07:55
First, I should know what does the “transfer” exactly mean? Did he sign a new contract with company B and resign from company A? Or you just do some amendment to the original contract? If he left company A for personal reason, his working years should not be calculated continuously; but if h..
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针对第一个问题:   如果员工辞职后,如其仍有应休的年休假未休,且是由于公司未予安排的原因造成这种情况,则公司应当向其支付相应经济补偿。 针对第二个问题:     如果员工手册有特别规定,且该规定不..
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