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Three Authorities Call for Sorting out Current Policies with... [2017-12-12]

Recently, three authorities, including the National Development and Reform Commission ("NDRC"), have issued the Work Program for Straightening out Existing Policies with Effects of Eliminati...

GAC to Promote Paperless Applications for Tax Reliefs in Nat... [2017-12-12]

Recently, the General Administration of Customs ("GAC") has issued the Announcement [2017] No.58, deciding to promote the paperless applications for tax reduction and exemption in nationwide...

NEA Decides to Repeal and Amend Certain Normative Documents [2017-12-12]

Recently, the National Energy Administration ("NEA") has issued the Announcement [2017] No.11 to publish the results of sorting out normative documents.

NEA Issues an Inventory of Acts on the Credit Standing of Ma... [2017-12-12]

The Department of General Affairs of the National Energy Administration ("NEA") has recently issued the Inventory of Acts Associated with the Credit Standing of Market Players in the Energy ...

MOF Revises Six Rules including the Measures for the Registr... [2017-12-12]

Recently, the Ministry of Finance ("MOF") has issued the Decision on Revising Six Rules Including the Measures for the Registration of Certified Public Accountants (the "Decision"), with eff...

SOA Issues Procedural Provisions on the Oceanic Legislative ... [2017-12-12]

The State Oceanic Administration ("SOA") has recently distributed the Procedural Provisions on the Oceanic Legislative Work (the "Provisions"), immediately effective from the issue date.

China Legal Review 2017-11 No.87

Editorial Notes

Second Draft E-commerce Law under Consultation to Better Regulate Duties of Platform Operators
Interpretation of CFDA’s Implementing Plan for the Rectification of Fraudulent and False Publicity Campaigns on Food and Dietary Supplements
Fantasy Westward Journey 2 Live Streaming Infringement Case: Fair Use of Copyright in the Live Streaming of Online Games
Longwei Media’s Acquisition Failure: A Brief Analysis of Reasons for Information Disclosure Violations of Listed Companies
Protection of “Financial Data Terminals” under the Principled Provisions in the Anti-unfair Competition Law
Opportunities and Challenges: China Will Lift The Ceiling On Foreign Ownership Limits In Joint-Venture Securities Companies Up To 51%



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