A perfect integration of legal information database and Microsoft Office systems created only by Lexis® China. Helps to simplify work processes so that you can focus on improving your own high-value work.
  • Be able to retrieve over 3 million pieces of cloud data in Lexis China, as well as, local data stored onto your computer--obtain the most authoritative, up-to-date and accurate information in real time.
  • A combination of intelligent analysis, relevant content recommendation and archiving in one tool for an efficient legal practice.
  • Ease of operation in formatting documents, thus greatly saving the time of adjusting formats.
  • Be able to browse, online search and cloud retrieve the selected contract templates from the Lexis Practical Guidance.

Lexis® Freehand's unique function of intelligent search and document handling for mass data retrieval, integration of multiple documents, and easy adjustment of document format, thus helping you finalize the high-quality legal practice in an efficient way.
Lexis® Freehand V2.X, works as a contract generator. You can selects, saves and updates paragraphs/clauses from "my clause library", combines them at will and intelligently synthesizes them to be your target contract

Lexis® Freehand
An excellent function for adjusting document format. The convenience of one-key operation for complex work usually needing 3 or 4 steps in the document operation. It is the best choice for drafting contract templates and standard legal documents.
More value-added with Lexis® Freehand!
  • Professional and comprehensive upgrade
    • In continuation with the practicality of Lexis® China, it provides various content types including laws and regulations, cases, articles and news, to improve and supplement existing knowledge structure and meet the needs for various projects and assignments.
    • With Lexis® Freehand, you can at any time retrieve and display the latest contents and industrial trends to ensure that you will never miss the important information.
    • Focus on legal analysis and study, issuing reports and legal opinions and other high value-added work.
  • Easy operation, convenient and intelligent
    • It can be used by installing plug-in in Microsoft Word.
    • Various features and functions can meet the different needs of clients in their work.
    • Easy to be updated and able to add new functions and services.
Lexis®Freehand Installation:
Installation requirement:Microsoft Office 2007 SP3 and above
1. Please contract LexisNexis sales representantives or customer service at 4006008680 for License ID
2. Click hereto download installation file Setup.exe
3. Lexis® Freehandhas two current versions
4. FAQs
How to install Lexis© Freehand(for Mac OS X):
Requirements:Mac OS X 10.10(Yosemite) and above, with Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac (14.1.0 and above) and above installed
1. Please contact our customer support at 400-600-8686 or your account manager for License
    ID(NOTE:Only one License ID is necessary for Windows and Mac operation systems).
2. The installation package includes both Chinese version and English version and may select one as
3. Installation issues:
  • a:Make sure the system version is 10.10 and above
  • b:Make sure the Office version is 14.1 and above.An upgrading is necessary if the version is 14.0.
  • c:Installation package not downloaded from App Store is allowed.
          How to install software not from App Store on Mac