LexisNexis® Practical Guidance- Insurance  Laws and regulations selected to best fit your business model; Interpretation of regulations integrating both official and industrial insiders’ insight; Practice notes for compliance summarized based on punishment cases; Cases review and advice from experts in the judicial circles; To help solve all your insurance law compliance issues more smoothly and efficiently.
Cooperative Agency
Different from traditional classification of jurisprudence, this directory tree of laws and regulations exclusively designed for the insurance will provide you with the most comprehensive and professional codification in term of classifications in the industry.
Interpretations of Regulations
Select insurance laws, and embed expert comments, official interpretations, and the contrast between the old and the new in terms of critical provisions. Achieve deep processing of laws and regulations, connect policies with comments, and synchronize queries with comprehension. In this way, it will help us to understand unintelligible laws and regulations and apply policies with high proficiency.
Big Data of Administrative Penalty
All administrative penalty cases released by China Insurance Regulatory Commission and local branches are contained. Insurance professionals will provide you with exclusive accurate statistics and in-depth analysis. Moreover, you can choose filters and intelligently generate charts and graphs so as to easily know the orientation of compliance.
Compliance Risk Manual
We've worked with experienced professionals in the insurance industry to summarize the main points of compliance in various insurance business areas in great details and jointly build up systematic guidance for insurance compliance, including five modules, namely the compliance description, compliance foundation, basis of punishment, risk warnings or recommended operation, and reference cases. All
Professional Case Analysis
Judiciary authorities (including judges from the Supreme People's Court as well as basic people's court at all levels) give their in-depth analysis and professional opinions about the trial process of disputed cases in insurance industry, which have covered various disputed issues and difficult topics of the industry, so as to help you easily cope with all types of insurance disputes.
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